Experienced & dynamic team with a can-do attitude

Roundhouse is an experienced, dynamic and fresh business with a can-do attitude to fulfilling our tenants’ needs, and a genuine empathy and concern for their well-being.

Unlike most ‘arm’s-length’ landlords, we do business through direct and personal relationships with our tenants. By understanding them as individuals with businesses to run, we are able to offer levels of client service that set us apart in the commercial property sector.

Our enlightened professional approach is also reflected in the diversity of our tenants which are from the public and private sector and are accommodated in units ranging in size from 60 Sq M (646 Sq Ft) to 2,192 Sq M (25,000 Sq Ft)

If you would like to talk us about your property requirement, please call 01772 312579 or email us at hello@roundhouseproperties.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you

Jeremy Lefton Director