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April 2, 2015

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Roundhouse backs Lancashire Unity

Roundhouse Managing Director Jeremy Lefton was a key figure at last week’s Business of Lancashire conference that tackled many important issues, namely the county’s current status within the Northern Powerhouse.

An audience of 130 people were in attendance at Stanley House in Mellor to listen to the thoughts and discussions between 15 guest speakers including Jeremy and many other managing directors from a wide range of the county’s trading, financial and property sectors.

Issues discussed included fracking and the possibility of an elected mayor for Lancashire by the end of the decade, but the standout topic was the call for county-unity so the region no longer misses out on the benefits of the Northern Powerhouse.

This unity means better self-sufficiency for businesses and closer collaboration between district councils and their partners in the health service and community sectors.

What’s more, it is not just seeking the best deal for Lancashire residents and the economy through sustaining public services with less money, but it should help the view of the Northern Powerhouse expand beyond the common belief of just Manchester.

Jeremy commented on the huge demand for more units. He said: “Lancashire has a lot to offer. There is a thriving community of SMEs, educational and cultural facilities as well as excellent transport links. I think it’s important for Lancashire to highlight these attributes and ensure that outsiders see now how good things really are.”

There is an existing approach that the councils in Lancashire can learn a lot from in terms of highlighting the county’s qualities, and this is the combined authority model of Greater Manchester.

The 15 Lancashire councils, including the county council, have already held informal discussions about the possibility of establishing a system similar to that of Greater Manchester, but it remains to be seen how far these talks will progress – it may well be a topic once again at next year’s Business of Lancashire conference.

Roundhouse Properties are a proud sponsor of the annual Business of Lancashire conference, helping improve the county’s services and allowing networking opportunities between businesses within the region.

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